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Training of 10 obstetricians and gynecologists and midwives in Kinshasa

From December 2 to 9, 2020, SOIK trained a total of 10 local obstetricians and gynecologists and midwives in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The topic of the training is prenatal ultrasound and home medical care. The instructors were Dr. Yuichi Kodaira and midwife Yumiko Nakagawa from the Japanese non-profit organization “Initiative for Global Perinatal Care (IGPC)”, which is a partner organization of SOIK.

Regarding prenatal ultrasound, a training-oriented program was provided based on the experience of training in Africa in the past, and all 10 participants were able to take the test on the last day, although this be a basic element. Lequio Power Technology's “Portable Ultrasound for Smartphones” was distributed to all participants, and the fact that they were able to practice multiple times each day is believed to have accelerated their learning.

Regarding home medical care, as an example of Japanese efforts, we have developed video teaching materials with the cooperation of Yushokai medical company and used them in training. After discussing how Japan's case could be used in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we actually provided home medical care to 6 families. Portable medical equipment imported from Japan could also be used, and training participants appeared to have reacted to the possibility of receiving medical care at home.

SOIK will continue to work with training participants and partner organizations to improve local medical standards, using the network and experience gained through this training as assets.

This training project was carried out as a project to promote the international expansion of medical technology, etc. in 2nd year of Reiwa by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM).


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