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​Digital obstetric package

SPAQ is an integrated solution for digitizing obstetric services in African health centers and dramatically improving the quality of health services. By following the navigation of the smartphone app, African healthcare professionals can easily perform digital antenatal examinations using portable medical devices.

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Video of our activity

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Test in Province of Kwilu in DRC

SPAQ has been introduced in 12 medical facilities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sierra Leone. Over 2000 digital antenatal examinations have already been conducted using SPAQ.

At a three-month POC in Kwango, 99% of pregnant women said they were more satisfied than a regular antenatal checkup. Many pregnant women gather for the improved service. Seven medical facilities that introduced SPAQ received an average of 74% more antenatal examinations per month.

Over 80 abnormalities were found by SPAQ, including ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, hydatidiform mole, preeclampsia, and multiple births. Healthcare workers who used SPAQ reported that they saved 28 lives. The number of pregnant women has increased, and the income of medical facilities where SPAQ has been introduced has increased by 42%.

SOIK continues to develop SPAQ as a business that creates social impact.

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Logic Model: Connecting Small Healthcare Facilities with Digital Maternal and Child Health Solution "SPAQ"

A Logic Model is a planning tool used in the social impact sector. It usually maps the connections between inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts. It helps us visualize the changes we want to make.

Our SPAQ Logic Model reflects our commitment to improving maternal and child health in underserved communities, specifically small healthcare facilities in Africa. It outlines our resources, activities, and desired outcomes.

Explore our Logic Model to see how SOIK addresses the unique challenges faced by small healthcare facilities and contributes to better maternal and child health outcomes. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of mothers, infants, and communities.

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