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SOIK’s Conviction 

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Corporate Identity
Reducing Maternal and prenatal mortality  as an Impact Goal

We at SOIK are a team that tackles one of the most challenging issues, the reduction of maternal and child mortality in developing countries.

1.The principal beneficiary is the underserved. 
Our primary target group—the rural and others who are underserved—faces the most severe challenges, not the urban affluent who are more easily reached

2.Impact as KGI, profit as KPI. 
Sales and profit serve as means to an end—intermediary indicators that support our business advancement. Our business's purpose is the persistent achievement of our impact goal: reducing maternal and child mortality.

While deeply respecting and empathizing with humanitarian aid that saves lives, we are driven to create a world that prevents avoidable deaths through sustainable solutions to enduring problems.

4.Discipline and Professionalism. 
Our team members exhibit discipline, fulfill their respective roles, and achieve results as business professionals. United by strong bonds and leveraging diversity, we are a cohesive team, though not one that unconditionally accepts all behavior.

Members’ Identity
Commitment to Self-Awareness, Authenticity, and Optimism:

At SOIK, we are steadfast in enhancing our self-awareness, remaining true to our objectives, and maintaining an optimistic outlook as we face these challenges together.

1.Conviction in SOIK’s Mission to Ourselves:

Our efforts target the reduction of maternal and child deaths that could be prevented.

We persist in addressing societal issues we deem most critical for the maximization of our personal well-being—not for the sake of recognition.


2.Endless engagement to improve self-awareness. 
As self-sufficient adults and dependable professionals, we give particular attention to self-awareness. We strive to increase the resolution of what we want to do through our work and continue our efforts to maintain that commitment.

3.Will and Skill to Maintain Optimism: 
Facing meaningful challenges, we encounter failures and difficulties as a routine. With determination and skill, we strive to replace the tendency toward pessimism with consistent optimism.

Commitment to learning from field to innovate: 

We at SOIK continue to learn patiently from the field and develop comprehensive solutions that create an impact for the sustained reduction of maternal and child mortality.

1.Create Innovations in a mess: 
In our pursuit of innovation, we embrace the challenge of finding solutions within the complexities and messiness of real-world problems.



2.Embracing Failures as Steppingstones to Insight:
To acquire the deepest understanding swiftly, we intentionally navigate through 'failures for progress,' confronting the inconvenient truths revealed along the way. As we grow, our aim is to find value and exciting learning opportunities in these experiences.

3.Users as partners in impact 
Recognizing that users are the architects of impact, we foster direct and lasting relationships with our customers and users. We emphasize these partnerships and are dedicated to achieving impactful outcomes together.

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