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The new SPAQ technology implemented to reduce the death rate of pregnant women and newborns

As part of the launch of the pilot project for the digitalization of essential obstetric and neonatal care using portable ultrasound on smartphones, the SOIK company presented, on February 9 and 10, at KWANGO and KENGE respectively, new features on its Android SPAQ software.

Indeed, this presentation was made in collaboration with the Ministry of Plan, more precisely in the counterpart fund cell and in the presence of 4 Japanese experts.

This team also had the mission of contributing to improving care and raising awareness among community relays through the use of technology.

“We have a smartphone software solution called SPAQ, which will allow all prenatal consultations to be recorded and this software is connected with ultrasound,” explained Kuniyuki Furuta, CEO of SOIK Corporation Ltd.

The result collected through this software was positive because the number of prenatal consultations increased and the service was appreciated by patients.

In addition, this update also helps cover maternal delivery and postnatal consultation with additional wearable medical devices.

Note that the final objective of this project is to put in place measures that will allow more effective implementation of the free services policy and to create a solution with a significant impact.


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