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Launch of a preliminary study for the construction of specialized buildings in the chosen FOSA for the Counterpart Fund project

The SOIK team, as part of its innovative initiative to improve health services within the Health Facilities (FOSA) selected for the Ministry of Plan matching funds project, financed by the Japanese government fund through bilateral cooperation between the two countries, in collaboration with a group of renowned architects, has started a field study for the construction of suitable structures. This initiative, scheduled to start next May, aims to equip these care centers with modern buildings specifically dedicated to Antenatal Care (ANC), ultrasound, health education, and to integrate a digitized solution for prenatal consultation. The project also aims to strengthen collaboration with RECO (Community Relay) to ensure efficient data management and better care coordination. Moreover, a crucial aspect of this project is the improvement of neonatal resuscitation services, essential to reduce early infant mortality. The hut for health education will be designed to be a friendly and open space, promoting exchanges and the dissemination of vital information among local communities, while new technologies will be used to optimize prenatal consultations and patient follow-up.


The collaboration between the SOIK team and the architects will create infrastructures that are not only functional but also ecologically sustainable and well-integrated into the local landscape, while taking into account the cultural and environmental specificities of each FOSA. By focusing on maternal and child health, the project aims to meet critical needs in these areas, where accessibility and quality of infrastructure are decisive.


This construction project, in addition to improving access to quality care for pregnant women and young children, illustrates the project stakeholders' commitment to significantly contribute to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, in line with sustainable development goals. It also represents an opportunity to strengthen local capacities by providing training and creating jobs during the construction phase, and ensures better long-term health care. With the start of construction scheduled for May, the SOIK team and its partners are preparing to take a decisive step in realizing their vision for accessible and quality health for all, by integrating digital solutions and strengthening neonatal resuscitation capabilities.


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