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SOIK Corporation is a company committed to innovating health services in Africa. It focuses on digitizing health structures. To expand its activities, it is seeking a Project Officer.

He will be responsible for managing and organizing projects, which includes planning activities, tracking deadlines, and controlling costs.

Main Tasks:

- Develop a project proposal.

- Plan and conduct studies to collect data and analyze the problem.

- Develop terms of reference and/or specifications with the management and key stakeholders for the proper execution of the project.

- Define the objectives and duration of each project phase.

- Consult with the client and/or partner to determine objectives and expectations before and during the project execution.

- Set up teams and determine each person's roles.

- Assess potential risks and implement mitigation and contingency measures.

- Organize regular work meetings with the client and/or partner committed to the successful execution of the project.

- Ensure regular communication with stakeholders.

- Prepare reports and presentations.

Skills Required:

- Minimum of a Master's degree (Bac+5) in Engineering, Project Management, Economics, or any similar field.

- At least 3 years of professional experience in project management, preferably construction projects or projects related to the health sector.

- Proficiency in digital project management tools, office software (Office suite), and accounting.

- Proficiency in French; proficiency in English is a major asset.

- PMP certification is a major asset.

- Ability to manage a project management team.

Required Qualities:

- Listening and negotiation skills.

- Management and coordination skills.

- Customer orientation.

- Team spirit.

- Organizational skills.

- Dynamism.

- Initiative and creativity.

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