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Approval of SOIK's investment plan in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

SOIK Corporation sarl, a local subsidiary of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, announced on January 12, 2022 about the investment plan it had submitted from the Agence Nationale pour la Promotion des Investissements (ANAPI) obtained approval.

With the approval of the DRC government for the investment plan for the healthcare business promoted by SOIK, it will be possible to receive preferential treatment such as tax exemption for a certain period of time.

According to a person in charge of the Ministry of Planning, SOIK is the first Japanese company to receive an official approval for the an investment plan . This time around 40 companies applied for approval of the investment plan, and as a result of deliberation by 15 reviewers over a three-day period, three companies including SOIK received approval. It was said that SOIK's business was unanimously adopted because of its high sociality and evidence from feasibility studies.

SOIK will also utilize this plan approval to realize a world where every pregnant woman can receive high-quality healthcare services.


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