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Workshop on the Digitization of Obstetric Care in DRC: Innovations to Reduce Maternal Mortality

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the maternal mortality rate is among the highest in the world, a workshop organized on April 26, 2024, by the National Reproductive Health Program (PNSR), in collaboration with SOIK Corporation and the Ministry of Health, marked a key step towards improving access to care. The project aims to equip health facilities in Kwango province with portable ultrasounds, facilitating early and accessible diagnostics.

Workshop Proceedings and Contributions

Under the leadership of Dr. Jean-Felix Ilunga, the workshop brought together health professionals engaged in fruitful discussions on the trial protocol for the digitization of prenatal and postnatal data. The goal was to explore how technology could be used to enhance the quality of obstetric care.

Key Proposals

The focus was on improving the training of health personnel and updating care protocols to better utilize new technologies, including portable ultrasound. Discussions also emphasized the importance of retaining some traditional practices, such as the handwritten partogram, which is essential for monitoring labor, thus ensuring a balance between innovation and proven effectiveness.

Impact and Outlook

The adoption of this technology is seen as a major advancement for the early detection of obstetric complications and rapid response in emergencies, thereby increasing survival chances for both mothers and newborns. This workshop highlighted how digitization can transform maternal and neonatal healthcare, especially in regions where access to quality care is limited.


The initiative illustrates the PNSR's commitment to improving maternal healthcare in the DRC. It shows how the integration of modern technologies can enrich public health systems and offer new hopes for saving more lives.


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