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Revolutionizing Healthcare in Rural Africa with Japanese Technology: The SPAQ and Wi-RAN Trial

We are excited to announce that our video showcasing the trial conducted in the DR Congo using our innovative technology, Wi-RAN, to disseminate internet access to rural areas in Africa is now available on the official page of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication in Japan.

In the video, we discuss the maternal mortality rate in the DR Congo, which is 100 times higher than in Japan due to poor healthcare service levels. To address this issue, SOIK, a Japanese startup based in Kinshasa, has developed S-PAQ, a complete digital package that improves the quality of healthcare service by providing medical equipment, human resources, electricity, and telecommunication to health centers in Africa.

To test S-PAQ in areas without internet access, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication collaborated with Nippon Koei to demonstrate the technology on the Wi-RAN network in a rural area of the DR Congo. Wi-RAN is a Japanese-oriented telecommunication specification that uses VHF band frequency, which is lower than mobile phones and enables long-distance transmission up to 30km per hop.

With the assistance of Wi-RAN, S-PAQ's real-time data sharing and communication functions were successfully demonstrated, allowing health workers to remotely consult with specialists and quickly make informed decisions. We are proud to have contributed to improving healthcare in rural areas of Africa, and we invite you to watch our video on the official page of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication in Japan using this URL:


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